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Mark Garner

Executive Director
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Downtown Yonge BIA launches Music Strategy

TORONTO, June 2, 2015 – The Downtown Yonge BIA today launched its Music Strategy – an ambitious, multi-pronged plan to re-establish the area as a ‘Music Mecca.’

“Several generations fondly remember this part of the city as one of the world’s great music scenes, both for live performances at places like The Nickelodeon and Maple Leaf Gardens, and retail hubs like Sam the Record Man,” said Downtown Yonge BIA Executive Director Mark Garner. “It’s a great part of our past, and we want it to be a great part of our future.”

Garner noted that Downtown Yonge’s musical presence is not just historical. There are currently 14 live performance venues in the area – including Massey Hall, the Carlu, Yonge-Dundas Square and smaller performance spaces like the Church of the Holy Trinity in Trinity Park – totalling nearly 16,000 seats. 

“Music is always in the air around here.  It’s one of the largest and most diverse live music destinations in the city today,” Garner said.  “With its extraordinary history and vibrant present, Downtown Yonge’s music future looks very bright.” 

The Music Strategy includes a variety of initiatives the Downtown Yonge BIA is implementing and pursuing, in a cohesive vision for Yonge Street to once again take centre stage for Canada’s music industry. The strategy focuses on three major thrusts:

Once implemented, the Downtown Yonge BIA hopes similar strategies will be replicated by other BIAs, helping to achieve the City’s vision for a thriving, vibrant music community.

“Music is dear to Torontonians. We are aiming to build on that love of music – culturally, socially and economically,” Garner said.

The Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area (DYBIA) is a catalyst for creating vibrant urban experiences and events in the heart of downtown Toronto. Representing more than 2,000 businesses and their employees, as well as the broader community of residents, students and visitors, the DYBIA champions attractive public spaces, popular events, safety and cleanliness. It plays an active role both at street level and in boardrooms, advocating for a thriving and diverse community of retailers, restaurants and services.


Mark Garner

Executive Director, Downtown Yonge BIA
Phone: (416) 597-0255 x225
Email: mgarner@downtownyonge.com


Downtown Yonge BIA wins OBIAA 2013 Award for ‘Celebrate Yonge’

Toronto, April 17, 2013 - The Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area is honoured to be a recipient of the Ontario BIA Association (OBIAA) 2013 Award for Special Events and Promotions for the Celebrate Yonge festival. The award-winning event took place on Yonge Street from August 17 to September 16, 2012 and was planned and executed by the BIA with the support of city and neighbourhood partners.

Celebrate Yonge was an innovative combination of streetscape and event planning that created new pedestrians spaces for people right in the heart of downtown Yonge Street. The four week event saw the creation of pedestrian bumpouts onto the street using beautifully constructed wooden planter boxes as barriers that separated people from vehicle traffic.

The four-lane roadway was decreased to offer two lanes of traffic for cars, one northbound and one southbound, with the rest of the space becoming public seating areas, patios or areas programmed with games and activities. Celebrate Yonge offered visitors the chance to experience the neighbourhood in a different way, interacting with the vibrant local business community and enjoying expanded public spaces. A unique aspect of the event is that it did not require a full road closure and vehicles were still able to use the thoroughfare.

The OBIAA Award for Special Events and Promotions is presented to events that showcase innovation, engage the business community, which can also be replicated in other neighborhood’s.
For more information about Celebrate Yonge and the Downtown Yonge BIA please visit www.downtownyonge.com

Mark Garner
Executive Director
416-597-0255 x225


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